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– An 8 inch baked pie crust

– 3 cups of milk

– 3⁄4 cup sugar

– 1⁄3 cup flour

– 6 grams of salt

– 3 slightly beaten egg yolks

– 1/8 cup butter

– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

– 3 large bananas


– Step 1: Get the baked pie crust ready.

– Step 2: In a pot, warm up the milk.

– Step 3: In a bowl, mix the sugar, flour, and salt, then start adding them slowly to the milk pot.

– Step 4: Keep stirring until the mixture is thickened.

– Step 5: Cover the pot, and stir every 30 seconds for another 2 minutes.

– Step 6: In a large bowl, put the beaten egg yolks and add a little bit of the hot mixture and stir till combined.

– Step 7: Then transfer the bowl’s combination into the pot and cook it while stirring for one minute.

– Step 8: Take the pot away from the heat and add and blend in the butter and the vanilla extract.

– Step 9: Let it chill until you can feel that the fusion is sightly warm.

– Step 10: When the mixture is ready to be poured, slice the bananas at the bottom of the pie, then pour the combination.

– Step 11: Let the pie cool off until you need to serve it.

Thanks for paying attention to the instructions, and I hope you like the recipe.
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